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ETMA06 Punishment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

ETMA06 Punishment - Essay Example The legal executive hears and chooses two principle kinds of cases; these are the criminal cases for infringement of the appropriately organized corrective rules that everyone must follow and the common cases for the settlement of different questions between and among the individuals from the populace. There is no place for translation to the extent that the criminal cases are concerned in light of the fact that it depends on concrete correctional laws carved in stone. Then again, respectful cases are a fully open front line where individuals battle about debates including agreements, torts, and human or property relations among others. Both common and criminal cases end with a judgment declared by the legal power hearing the case. From one perspective, criminal cases are chosen with the revelation that the blamed is either blameworthy or not liable of the offense as charged. In the event that the denounced is liable, he is condemned to network administration, detainment of even capital punishment. The casualty is then vindicated. Then again, considerate cases are chosen with the revelation that the inquirer is either qualified or not for the harms petitioned God for. In the event that the case is in truth, the respondent is requested to repay the petitioner for the misfortune that he has endured. The abused party is then redressed. Generally, in spite of the fact that they are of various nature and gravity, both common and criminal cases convey sanctions forced upon the miscreant and remuneration unto the gathering that has endured misfortunes. This is the reason for the acclaimed explanation which says, â€Å"the contrast among common and criminal assents is that the previous are intended to redress and the last are intended to punish’. In this view, this paper will investigate the nature and characterizing highlights of both common and criminal authorizes and afterward look at their likenesses and contrasts. Approvals in common law are punishments forced by courts or other semi legal bodies which are planned as a discouragement for infringement of non-correctional laws just as to give impetuses to

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Marketing - Joss AMD Distribution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advertising - Joss AMD Distribution - Essay Example We plan to overcome any issues that exists between the producer and the client by guaranteeing that we arrange all around ok to give the client the item when the interest emerges. Concentrating on responsibility, genuineness, nature of work and energetic development; we seek after a lot of qualities, got from incomparable customer administration, a far reaching seller web, proficient staff and need to the necessities of our colleagues. Simultaneously, we have faith in concocting dispersion systems in a way that would lead us to create unmistakable outcomes too. With the previously mentioned style and potential in our stock, we wish to be the merchant for the results of the esteemed Creative Nail Design (CND) Company. It would be a respect for us on the off chance that we are delegated as the wholesalers of Spamanicure and Spapedicure items, which are marvels of the cutting edge time. As expressed in (CND, 2011), The Spamanicure †Citrus and Almond items alongside the Spapedicure †Marine, Earth and Home items are world-class items which are ending up being a help for the salon and spa experts. To function as a merchant for such excellent healthy skin items would be an exciting encounter for our organization. We accept that we have the credits and parts to be allocated this difficult assignment. With earlier solid involvement with this respect and furthermore the way that out of the 132 magnificence salons in New York City, to which our organization by and by disperses Sedal items; 59 are nail salons - would make it simpler for us to discover prompt customer base. It would be our obligation to guarantee that the dissemination procedure of these unmistakable CND items happens in a smooth way in the business sectors of the New York City. We would likewise ensure that the connection between CND organization and the purchasers arrives at new statures of shared trust and unwavering quality by going about as a methods for linkage between the two gatherings. Ou r promoting procedures have been effective since the time we began our organization, and whenever selected as CND products’ wholesaler, we would join our running fruitful market methodologies with further imaginative measures and instruments to guarantee that the exciting CND items not just reach to our present 59 nail salon customers yet additionally offer to the next significant nail salons in the city. For this reason, we have an exceptionally vivacious workforce that is happy to work and invest in the assignment. We additionally consider sorting out classes to teach individuals about the CND items and their utilization. We are very much aware of the way that CND organization trusts in dependable items, engaging instruction and viable business building devices. We additionally welcome that it seeks after greatness and its items are deliberately investigated and tried before they are intended to sold, portraying the way of life that wins at CND, comprising of standards of g enuineness, honesty, regard, correspondence and responsibility (CND, 2011). We guarantee that we would regard these chivalrous qualities as well as consolidate them into our working relationship. We might want to quickly sum up how we intend to work as a dissemination channel for CND items. Our organization puts stock in doing the nuts and bolts right, so we generally offer need to picking up however much market data as could be expected. Statistical surveying and knowledge assumes an incredible job in getting mindful about the current circumstance of the market and in this way creating or altering plans, as it were, that would yield best outcomes. We would

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Right to the City - KSA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Right to the City - KSA - Essay Example Right to the city alludes to the reactions to social shameful acts and neoliberal urbanization in different nations around the world. The parts of human rights are predominant the idea of right to the city in the social setting. Human rights allude to the capacity of a specific power or association to maintain diverse of opportunity of a specific gathering or a person. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia disregard the privileges of its residents through different settings, for example, deficient lodging, restrictions to correspondence and maintaining of beatings dependent on the rules of the Sharia law. This paper looks at different parts of human rights and lodging in KSA and gives suggestion to advancement of the human rights. The key law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia doesn't give the total idea of human rights. The issue of human rights is pervasive in the nation because of the exacting guidelines gave by the Muslim law. For this situation, different experts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have incorporated various rules of the Islamic religion into the government law, which blocks activities to maintain human rights in the nation (Almihdar, 2009). Ladies involve the most influenced populace with respect to the part of human rights in KSA. The privileges of the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are manhandled day by day because of the reconciliation of the strict ideas into the country’s enactment. This cutoff points endeavors by various human rights association to crusade for human rights in the nation.

The Political and Economic Integration of Europe Essay

The Political and Economic Integration of Europe - Essay Example hors clarify that this affiliation has been serving a critical capacity in reinforcing a specific degree of union among the prevailing social foundations in Europe. This paper will talk about clarify the degree of mix of the EU as far as economy and legislative issues. Political and Economic Facts of the European Integration Of essential significance to this topic has been the errand performed by the insignificant bourgeoisie. Vassilis Pesmazoglou and Antigone Lyberaki concentrate only a division of this social level, the little and medium-sized industrialists of the business area, underscoring the position that the assessment of this gathering ought to be arranged inside more extensive macroeconomic turns of events (Dinan 2006). The aim now is to investigate the assorted variety of activities and arrangement proposition identified with the continuation and spread of little and medium-sized organizations, both as a response to the downturn and as a method of outperforming it. Having expounded the most noticeable ebb and flow hypothetical worldview for little and medium-sized organizations, the scientists at that point dissect the current data, fighting all the more especially with concerns in regards to work conditions, remuneration, and work creation, just as the activity of business locale (O’Brennan 2006). Their case is that the setting of the EU gives some important thoughts in regards to the arrangement matters worried in the fortification of littler associations. In any case, the creators contend that little and medium-sized organizations inside the EU will go up against some trying challenges, for example, rivalry with and acclimation to greater organizations, partnerships, and multinationals (Dinan 2006). This conversation about the insignificant bourgeoisie will show how the gathering fills in as a contributing power... This paper gives a thorough survey of the progressing procedure of political and financial combination in Europe from alternate points of view, utilizing various examinations by market analysts regarding the matter. A huge hole exists between the fringe and the focal districts of Europe, in every one of the three political monetary segments.In the rural division, the South mirrors creating countries more than created ones. The assembling portion additionally confirms this dualism, with the way that the North has a lead in the amassing of human capital, though the South concentrations in asset thorough products and ventures Ultimately, in the administration zone the South and the North experience subjective variations, especially in business administrations. These auxiliary holes tend to situate the drive and the cosmetics of the entrepreneur class in the EU. The ideological groups of Europe express and voice out political, financial, and social interests for the most part inside the regulated instrument of the European Parliament. The capacities and obligations of the EP, and nearby those of its ideological groups, have modified amazingly since the late 1970s, when the underlying Euro-decisions occurred. The shared connection between the EP and the gatherings has become increasingly generous, and become one of the properties of institutional development all through the 1990s An issue which has been concentrated in the EU is the way social interests are voiced and showed. Social interests are enunciated at the political stage through ideological groups.

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Imelda Marcos free essay sample

Imelda R. Marcos (conceived Imelda Remedios Visitacion Romualdez on July 2, 1929) is a Filipino government official and widow of previous Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Upon the climb of her significant other to political force, she held different situations to the administration until 1986. She is the main lawmaker chose as individual from the Philippine governing body in three geological areas (Manila, Leyte, Ilocos Norte). In 2010, she was chosen for become an individual from the House of Representatives to speak to Ilocos Nortes second district.She is once in a while alluded to as the Steel Butterfly or the Iron Butterfly. [1][2] She is regularly associated with images of the lavishness of her spouses political rule, including her assortment of 2,700 sets of shoes. [3] Ancestry Marcos was conceived in Manila, Philippines. Her fatherly progenitors were well off, landed and conspicuous, and professed to have established the town of Tolosa, Leyte. The Lopezes were plummeted from the Spanish monk and silversmith Don Francisco Lopez, initially from Granada, in the Andalusian locale of Spain. We will compose a custom exposition test on Imelda Marcos or then again any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Together with Fray Salustiano Buz, he showed up by method of Acapulco to assemble Roman Catholic missions in the island territories of Samar and Leyte (Buz would build up his command post in Palapag, Samar, the leave passage purpose of the Manila Galleons in the Visayas islands). [4] Early life and profession Her part of the family was not political. Her dad, Vicente Orestes Romualdez, a law teacher at Saint Pauls College and the head of the Romualdez Law Offices established by his sibling (Imeldas Uncle), Philippine Supreme Court Justice Norberto Lopez Romualdez, was an insightful man more intrigued by music and culture than open life. He was a conventionalist, wanting to educate in Spanish while the remainder of the understudies and staff communicated in English and Tagalog. Marcos had a more youthful sibling, Benjamin Romualdez (1930-2012). [5] Her mom, Remedios Trinidad y de Guzman or Remedios T. Romualdez, a previous visitor at the Asilo de San Vicente de Paul (Looban Convent) in Paco, Manila, was said to have been conceived with only one parent present, the offspring of a minister. [6] Remedios was from the town of Baliuag, Bulacan, and her own mom was from Capiz.

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New Track in Energy and Environment Concentration COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

New Track in Energy and Environment Concentration COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog The following was a message passed on to the SIPA community by Dean John Coatsworth. ___________________________ I am pleased to announce that in response to growing student interest, SIPAs Energy and Environment Concentration has launched a new, third track in Sustainable Energy Policy.   This new track will be directed by Adjunct Professor Ellen Morris, who has taught highly popular and successful energy courses at SIPA for several years, and who also has assumed the role of Director of the existing track in International Energy Management and Policy (IEMP) in the Energy and Environment Concentration. SIPA is highly fortunate and I am personally grateful that Professor Morris has agreed to undertake this critical leadership role in our teaching and curriculum development of energy policy and finance.   I am confident she will provide students of the energy tracks with the perfect blend of academic insight and practical experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. The new Sustainable Energy Policy track focuses on the national and international policies and practices aimed at ensuring a sustainable energy future, with a particular focus on policies and practices that support small-scale energy production and enterprise development.   The IEMP track, which launched in Fall 2009, will continue to focus on energy development and production, particularly large-scale infrastructure projects that involve extensive interaction between the private and public sectors for energy management and policy.   SIPAs Energy and Environment Concentration, which is directed by Professor Steven Cohen, also includes the Environment track, which focuses on the policy and management knowledge required to address the worlds most pressing environmental sustainability issues. Professor Morris co-teaches with Philip LaRocco the much in-demand, two-semester sequence, Energy Business and Economic Development and Capstone Workshop in Energy and Development.   She is the founder and president of Sustainable Energy Solutions, a consultancy providing research and policy analysis on the role of energy in international development, and a co-founder and Board Member of Arc Finance, a non-profit organization that facilitates financing for modern energy, water and other basic needs for people in developing countries.   Professor Morris previously served as a senior consultant for sustainable energy programs at the United Nations Development Program and as an analyst on international programs for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.   Ellen holds a Ph.D. in marine geophysics from the University of Rhode Island and a Bachelors degree in geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Both energy tracks will continue to collaborate with the Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy, which conducts policy analysis and applied research on energy issues and is directed by Albert Bressand, Professor of Professional Practice.

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An Introduction to the New SAT Writing and Language Part II

Grammar on the SAT In my last post, I discussed several types of punctuation that you might meet on the Writing and Language section of the SAT. But incorrect usage of punctuation is not the only thing you will need to look out for when assessing whether there may be an error in a passage: you also need to ask yourself whether everything grammatically checks out. In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at what exactly it means for a sentence to be grammatically correct (or incorrect) with the aid of a case study: grammatical agreement. (More on what that means below.) First, however, it’s important to clear up any fuzziness attached to the term â€Å"grammatical.† Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the word: there is nothing mysterious about it. When we say that a sentence is grammatical (or grammatically correct), we just mean that all its parts obey a set of rules that control how different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, etc.) fit together. If you learn these rules, all the guesswork is taken out of the process. In fact, you are probably already familiar with most of them. It is just a matter of getting clear on the basic terms and ideas that will help you apply them in context. For this reason, students (in my experience) often find that their quickest gains come in the Writing and Language section as they master the process of translating their â€Å"unconscious† knowledge of English into the conscious rules that will aid them on the SAT. Back to the Basics OK, so you know that for a sentence to be grammatical just means that it obeys a set of rules. But you might still be worried that, implicit grammar of knowledge aside, there will be a bewildering variety of rules for you to learn in order to cover all of the different situations. In fact, there are only a very limited number of concepts that can be used to describe and explain almost any sentence. This means that with sound knowledge of some of the basic principles, you should be in a good position to generalize to almost any new situation. Your goal, then, is to familiarize yourself with this limited body of principles before you sit for the SAT. If you can manage to do that, the test will hold no surprises for you. While we do not have space to go through all of them here, we will try to get a sense of what they are like by examining a bit more closely one important rule, grammatical agreement. Getting Started with Grammatical Agreement When we talk about grammatical â€Å"agreement,† we mean the fit or match between different words in a sentence that indicate that these words go together. In practice, this means that we change the endings or forms of words in order to indicate that they refer to something in common. Some languages require that nearly every word be changed in order to show its grammatical relationships with other parts of the sentence. This has consequences for grammatical agreement. In Latin, for example, adjectives must â€Å"agree† with the nouns that they modify in three things: number, gender, and case. The endings of the adjectives must be changed in order to achieve this agreement, like boni viri (â€Å"the good men†). Even if you don’t know Latin, you will notice that both words end in i, which shows that they go together here. In English, however, there are no requirements to change the forms of adjectives in order to match them to their nouns. Word order and context, not the endings of the words, show us which nouns and adjectives go together: we can as easily say â€Å"black cows† as â€Å"black stone,† with no need to modify the form of the adjective â€Å"black.† (But note that we do need to change the form of the noun cow in order to signal a plural.) As the example of nouns and adjectives may hint, English is not bound by many of the most challenging kinds of agreement that are required in other languages. There are still two important relationships you must look out for, however: subject-verb agreement and pronoun-antecedent agreement. 1. Subject-Verb Agreement Subject-verb agreement is a good place to start. Every sentence will have at least one verb. This verb needs to agree with its subject (the person or thing doing or receiving the action). In English, a verb must agree with the noun in both number and person. â€Å"Number† is singular or plural. â€Å"Person† is first-person (I, we), second-person (you, you all), or third-person (he, she, it, they). In practice, the only errors in agreement likely to trip you up on the SAT are the third-person singular and plural cases—â€Å"we am,† â€Å"you is,† etc., just sound too funny to the ear to pose any real problems. For third-person cases, remember that a singular verb will always end in -s; everything else is plural. Still, you’re not likely to be thrown by a sentence like, â€Å"The dog run and jump.† The error is too obvious. But the test has a variety of ways to make things more difficult. Here are two things to look out for. Separating the verb and subject, and adding lots of description in order to trick your ear into thinking that a plural verb sounds good. An example: â€Å"The box of tools which are useful for fixing broken appliances are on the dresser by the door.† Can you spot the error? The second â€Å"are† (plural) should be â€Å"is† (singular), because the subject is actually the box, which is singular. The sentence is made more difficult by inserting a relative clause (â€Å"which are useful†) that has â€Å"tools† (plural) as the subject, and by adding various plural nouns in order to supply detail (â€Å"tools,† â€Å"appliances†) which might make the second â€Å"are† sound correct. Challenging pronouns that are singular, but often look or sound plural to our ears. Examples include: each, every, any, everyone, everything, anybody, anything, none, no one, nothing, somebody, someone, something. Whenever you see one of these pronouns modifying the subject (or itself the subject), check whether the verb is singular. 2. Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Pronoun-antecedent agreement is similar to subject-verb agreement in that the most important thing to look out for is determining whether there is agreement in number. Pronouns are nouns like â€Å"it,† â€Å"he,† â€Å"she,† or â€Å"they,† that is, nouns that stand in for another nouns. (The word pro- means â€Å"in place of,† if that helps you remember what a pronoun is.) The term can also more broadly designative possessive adjectives like â€Å"his,† â€Å"her(s),† â€Å"their(s),† â€Å"its,† and so on. By definition, every pronoun has an antecedent, that is, something it is standing in for. Here is an example: â€Å"The dogs went to the park. They made a ruckus there.† They is the pronoun, and it stands in for dogs. Therefore, the antecedent of they is dogs. Pronouns must always match their antecedents in number and, when appropriate, gender. The latter category will ordinarily not pose much difficulty. Matching the number of pronouns and antecedents, however, can be made difficult by the exact same tricks that make spotting subject-verb agreement. In particular, you will need to watch out for antecedents that sound plural, but are really singular. Challenging antecedents: â€Å"Johnsons’ Arts and Crafts was considering merging with their rival Billy’s Magic Markers.† â€Å"Their† should be â€Å"its,† because we are referring to a company, which is a single entity. As a collective, a company requires a singular (not plural) pronoun standing in for it. The same is true for teams, organizations, enterprises, and other collectives. More challenging antecedents: â€Å"Every guy on the soccer team washed their uniform before the big game.† â€Å"Their† should be â€Å"his† because its antecedent, every guy, is singular and masculine. Also, the soccer team does not have one giant uniform (singular) that it is collectively washing. Wrapping Up Your tutor will be able to go over other tough cases of agreement with you and fill in the details of this short sketch, but the basic rules regarding agreement should now be clear. Once you have determined which parts of the sentence should be in agreement (subject and verb, pronoun and antecedent), you only need to ask yourself whether each of these parts shows same number and, as applicable, person or gender as the other. From this case study, it should now also be clear how, as I claimed earlier, only a limited number of grammatical concepts are sufficient to explain most sentences you will meet. As we have seen, getting clear on the notion of â€Å"agreement† lets you test the fit between subjects and verbs, nouns and pronouns, not just in a few sentences, but everywhere that they show up. Interested in learning more about our incredible team of SAT tutors? Interested in reading more on our SAT preparation? 5 Books So Good You Won’t Notice They’re Helping You Study for the SAT The New SAT: How to Avoid Punctuation Problems 3 Essential Steps to Breaking Down the New SAT Essay